Painterly Trends in Home Decor

The painterly look has been very popular in home decor for a few seasons.  It can be seen in fabrics, rugs, drapes, furniture and linens.  Painterly refers to a painted effect where you can see brush strokes, watercolour designs or bright colours.  Basically, it’s meant to look like a painting.  It is not for  minimalists who go for neutrals and spare design but even in their rooms, it can add a splash of colour and pattern.

These vintage linen napkins were ice dyed to create an abstract pattern of reds, yellow and pink.  As each one was dyed individually, they are like mini-abstract paintings.



I have used ice dyeing for a similar effect on pillows as well.  These ones have a watercolour effect.  The blue one could be called Waterfall.

image3Final Images - 2048 px -1I made a few tote bags this summer that have an Impressionist look to them that was also created by ice dyeing.

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