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Something in Turquoise

Annie Sloan recently introduce Giverny to her North American market.  It is a bright clear blue named after Monet’s village in France.  I had hoped that it was a bright turquoise-blue because photos of it make it look that way, but it’s not.  You can see it here.  I mixed it in a 1:1 ratio with Florence and a bit of white and got the colour that I wanted for this coffee table.  I bought this second-hand for my daughter; it is from some place like Indonesia and is heavy wood.  It had a thick brown stain on it but you could see the marks and knot holes through the stain.


I stripped the top and found very rough wood.  Rather than cover it , I decided to keep the rough look because it is definitely reclaimed looking.   I applied 2 stains, walnut and grey,  and 3 coats of wipe-on poly.


The base was painted in the chalk paint mix.  Deep chalk paint colours give great coverage and I didn’t have to use much paint.  I wanted a clean modern look suitable for this style.


I love Annie Sloan’s stencil called Trees.  I stenciled some craft paper with it and lined the drawers.


I stenciled one way then in different directions over top.  It has a modern primitive look that matches the table.jean-4

This is going in a contemporary living room with a leather couch and a pale grey rug that has bits of colour in it, one of which is turquoise.


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