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Anyone who grew up on the 1960’s is familiar with Marimekko  [MAH-ree-meh-ko], the great Finnish design company that produces textiles and women’s clothing that is still popular today.  Marimekko  designs are bold, oversized and reflective of the aesthetic of mid-century modern decor. When Jackie Kennedy bought 7 Marimekko dresses in 1960 while her husband was running for President, she immediately created a fashion trend.  They were loose-fitting, brightly coloured and Marimekko became a household name.  The red and pink poppy pattern, Uniko, created in 1964, is instantly recognizable and can be seen on everything from coffee mugs to raincoats.  Even Converse has a line of running shoes in Marimekko fabrics.


I recently ran across a blogger, Pillar Blue Box, who covered a bench in blue Uniko.  It’s very impressive and you can read about it here.

I have a true fondness for all things Marimekko because I grew up in the 1960’s and I associate their designs with everything that was hip and modern looking at the time.  Their fabrics stretched over a frame, like a canvas, was an inexpensive way to add colour and the instant look of modernity to a room.  As with all things mid-century modern, Marimekko has enjoyed a resurgence in North America and their products and fabrics can be purchased in many stores.  I have bought some of their paper napkins and used them in decoupage.

This mirror, tray and some of the wooden hangers are painted with chalk paint and have Marimekko napkins on them.

mari mirror

mari mirror 2

When I decoupage, I use Mod Podge but I don’t like it as a topcoat.  These all have clear acrylic varnish on them.  It protects the paper and unlike MP, it will not be sticky.  What I like about the  Marimekko is that it looks so contemporary.

mari mirror 3


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A Whimsical Dresser

zig zag3I bought this vintage maple dresser knowing that I wanted to try something like this zig-zag pattern on it. The dresser is probably about 50 years old, solid maple, even the drawers, and not very big. Its size makes it perfect for a child’s room. I have seen dressers painted like this online and wanted to give it a try.

Creating a pattern is really trial and error.  I used chalk to draw the lines and then began taping.  There are some very reliable methods of creating a clean line when using tape: you can see one of them here.  This video uses painter’s caulk; another method is to use tape and paint the base coat over the tape then the new colour.  Both methods work but I couldn’t figure out how to do them with so many lines and different colours.  So, I taped then painted one colour, waited for it to dry, then did a different colour.  This method requires that you remove the tape, wax ( so that the new paint won’t peel off ) and re-tape for the new colour.  Time-consuming and not fool-proof-I had to do a lot of touch-ups where the paint bled under the tape.

Orignally, I painted the pattern in a colour-block pattern:zig zag6

But, I realized that the middle 2 drawers were the same size, so after I painted them, I decided to see what they looked like when they were switched.  The effect is more of a zig-zag pattern and I prefer it.zigzag 2

The paint is all Annie Sloan Chalk paint but most of the colours have been mixed to create the tones that you see.  Only the Old White and the Graphite are unmixed.  One of the wonders of chalk paint is how easy it is to create new colours.

zig zag 7

The wooden handles are original to the dresser.  I stripped them and left them in their natural state.  I think this dresser will look lovely in a child’s room.zig zag bureau

zig zag 5




zig zag4

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