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A Playful Dresser

This antique dresser was probably just wood at one time but over the years it had been painted a few different shades.  When I bought it, it was a pale peachy beige and the inside of the drawers had been wallpapered in a beige and peach floral.  I have removed wallpaper from walls before but I had forgotten how much work it can be.  I might have reconsidered buying the dresser if I had known how much time I would need to remove it.  I thought about just painting over it but the wallpaper wasn’t in great shape and the corners weren’t very well done.  Because the dresser is on the small side, I just couldn’t see an adult using it so I painted it with a child in mind.

kid's 6


It gave me a chance to use FrogTape Shape Tape which gives a nice clean edge and a playful look.  I  admire the work of Poppyseed Creative Living who uses this tape a lot in her designs.  She has been an Annie Sloan Painter in Residence and has many great pieces.


The white looks pure white but it is actually a 50/50 mix of AS Pure White and Old White.  You can see that I got the wallpaper out of the drawers and painted them, as well as placing a bright orange wrapping paper inside.  The turquoise is AS Provence which is a lovely saturated blue/turquoise.

kid's 7


The antique-looking porcelain knobs are from Lee Valley and are a nice touch without being too feminine.

kid's 5

kid's 2


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12 thoughts on “A Playful Dresser

  1. This is totally adorable! Love the scallop detail. Featured at Be Inspired this morning. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I actually have the same piece, in fact I have the whole suite excluding the vanity that I sold a few years ago due to space issues. If you ever care to remove the paint (looks beautiful painted) you should find good thick mahogany lurking underneath. I just refinished the tall boy but I am going to be selling the dresser with the mirror and the bed so I left those original. If you’re curious to see the original condition and hardware drop me a line and I’ll send you some pictures.

    • Alayne, I bought the dresser in order to do the design on it. Someone bought it for her baby’s room. I’m sure the wood looks lovely but this piece had many layers of paint on it, some of which would have been lead-based so I would never have stripped it. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Love it! Hope you’ll look at the dresser I just posted. You wouldn’t believe how hideous it was before!! I think the final result is really cute. Would love an opinion from someone else! Got a small table, wondering about how to paint to match it.

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