Painting with English Yellow


yellow 1

yellow 3



This is the first time I have actually painted something yellow.  I love all those mustard yellow dressers one sees on Pinterest but for some reason I have never actually used the colour.  Annie Sloan has 2 yellows in her colour chart, Arles, which has a gold tone and English Yellow, which is a very bright yellow.  Both can be mixed with white or Old White to create different shades.  I painted this antique dresser in Old White and an English Yellow/Old White mix.  I was trying to get a pale lemony tone.  As you can see in the pix, I imagined this as a baby dresser because this style is so popular at the moment.  When I had my children in the days before ultrasound, everyone painted babies’ rooms yellow because the colour was gender-neutral.  This dresser, perhaps because of the style, comes across as more feminine.IMG_0795

I am happy with the result but in retrospect, I wish I had added a bit of Arles in with the English Yellow.  English Yellow has a green undertone which comes out even when mixed with Old White.  I don’t like it much and wish it was a bit more buttery.

This dresser also had a hinged mirror but the frame was a bit warped.  I decided to remove the mirror from the stand part and from the frame. I will be re-purposing the frame in another project.

baby dresser4baby dresser 3IMG_0801(1)