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Refinishing Veneer

Some people think that having veneer on a piece of furniture is a sign of inferior quality but the opposite can actually be true.  Veneers have been used forever along with solid wood because a veneer can be used for many things.  Because it is a thin piece of wood it can be bent for curved pieces; it is also used to create beautiful patterns and inlaid designs. This Mid-Century Modern dresser is a combination of wood and veneer.  The insides of the drawers are mahogany but the fronts have a lovely veneer which must have been applied like wallpaper because the grain in the veneer matches all the way down. mcm # 3 I painted the body of the dresser in pure white chalk paint and put poly on as a topcoat. I wanted to refinish the drawers because the old finish was dry and grainy and disguising the wood grain.  I stripped the drawers with a chemical stripper and removed it all with fine steel wool.  I have stopped using strippers that are supposed to be more natural because I believe they must have some water in them.  I have had the misfortune of having the stripper interact with the tannins in woods like oak and mahogany and turn part of the surface grey.  This is almost impossible to correct.  After stripping, I sanded the wood by hand with various grades of sandpaper but nothing coarser than 220.  I read that you shouldn’t try to sand too much of the wood away because it is veneer after all.  I then stained it with a walnut colour but because it is mahogany, the natural red of the wood comes through.  I then applied 2 coats of oil-based poly.  The original handles were brass with green centres and because I couldn’t find any handles to fit the holes, I painted the originals with Annie Sloan Graphite then put copper gilding on top.  I wanted the handles to be inconspicuous and the copper goes well with mahogany. mcm #5mcm #4 mcm wood #2 mcm#4 http://www.findingsilverpennies.com/2015/04/silver-pennies-sundays-link-party-and-features-116.html



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