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Creating Texture with Dry Brushing

This antique dresser had several coats of paint on it when I bought it.  Its last coat was actually a very pretty turquoise enamel that was chipping everywhere.  If I had had some AS Provence on hand, I probably would have painted it with that colour.  Instead I chose more neutral colours.  After a lot of sanding to even out the chipping, I painted it in Old Ochre and used a Graphite wash on the top and on the drawers.  I wanted to use black knobs so the Graphite seemed a good choice.DSC_0002(42)

After applying the wash, I wasn’t completely happy with the result probably because the dresser has a lot of flat surfaces and not many places for the wash to settle into.  So, I dry brushed over it a few times.  Dry brushing adds texture and layers of colour but you have to be very stingy with the paint.  First, you start with a dry brush ( surprise, surprise) but this is not something I have actually done in the past.  You lightly dip the brush into the paint then brush most of it off.  Then you start to feather the paint onto the surface; it’s amazing how much paint is actually on the brush.  I did about 2 more layers of the Graphite then 2 layers of the Old Ochre on top of that.  The result was very effective and gives the dresser an aged look without dark wax or distressing.  I painted the inside of the drawers in Burgundy because they had old paint splatters in them.  You can’t see the colour very well in the photos but they contrast beautifully with the outside.



In general, you shouldn’t paint the sides of drawers because if they are sticky it will add another layer to the drawer and the paint may scratch.  However, these drawers are on the loose side, so I painted the sides as well as the inside.



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