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Wax Resist Distressing

This dresser make-over actually started with the knobs. I was given 6 of these marbled Anthropologie knobs and knew that I would use them someday on a child’s or baby’s dresser as they remind me of gum balls.baby dresser close-up

The dresser itself is perfect for a baby’s room as it is the correct height for a change table.  I wanted to paint it in Old White with some blue peeking through to match the knobs.  The blue is actually a mixture of Aubusson, Florence and Greek Blue.  I painted the whole thing with one coat of the blue and then decided to try wax resist.  I paint a lot of furniture with two-tone washes but I wanted something different. I used candle wax on all the carved areas then painted a coat of Old White on top of that.  All the other areas have 2 coats of the white.  When it was dry, I sanded back the Old White to reveal parts of blue.  It mirrors the marbling of the knobs and looks a bit like crayon or stripes.  It is both contemporary and antique at the same time. baby dresser 3 baby dresser 1baby dresser 4baby dresser 5

I also stenciled dragonflies in the drawers to add to the whimsical aspect of the piece and I used MMS Hemp oil to revive the dry wood inside the drawers. baby dresser drawer

The dresser has a matching round mirror but I think it looks a lot better without it.



6 thoughts on “Wax Resist Distressing

  1. I don’t understand…these are the after pictures? It’s supposed to look like this? Maybe the photos aren’t showing it in the correct light or something (it is an awful lot of blue) but what’s with the big blotch on the front? And it looks like someone scribbled all over the trim with blue crayons! I think my taste must differ drastically from everyone else’s here…

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