Stretching a can of chalk paint

A lot has been written about homemade chalk paint and about the high cost of brands like Annie Sloan. At first glance, $42 Canadian does seem to be an exorbitant price for a quart of paint. Chalk paint does have obvious advantages over latex or homemade chalk paint which is latex with additives, but I am going to address only the cost aspect here. I really haven’t found chalk paint to be expensive if you are painting more than one item. I have stretched one can of Annie Sloan French Linen to paint 4 items, which works out to be about $11 an item. You probably could buy Oops paint more cheaply but you are stuck with the colour whatever it is, you have to make chalk paint out of it and you have to sand it a lot to get a smooth finish. So, one can of French Linen painted 3 coats on this  cedar chest with Old Ochre trim:chest

was used on the trim of this cedar chest:DSC_0010(7)

painted this end table ( 3 coats again)DSC_0007(11)

was used on this tray:DSC_0005(11)

and finally was used to paint this antique dresser( 3 coats again).  I put a Graphite wash all over to enhance the trim and match the glass knobs:


I actually have some paint left over-enough to paint another tray or to mix with white to make a pale grey.


Two-toned Furniture

I love the look of two-toned furniture, whether it is the popular wood top and painted base or two shades of painted wood.  There is something  sophisticated looking about pieces that have been painted this way.  I have to admit that it is one of the looks that drew me to furniture painting; I have painted a lot of solid pieces but it is the two-toned ones that I get the most pleasure from.  A quick look on the internet shows that it is very popular at the moment-take a look at this Pinterest page which shows a lot of examples.

These mahogany end tables which were painted in a lightened Provence with Old White drawers and gilding are one of my most popular pieces.  I use one of the pix on my Facebook page and people keep contacting me trying to buy them.   The tables were very good quality to begin with but painted, they are beautiful.

Mahogany End tables.

Mahogany End tables.

Another mahogany piece that I painted was this Art Deco dresser.  It was painted in Provence again but this time, I put Aubusson on the edges and a wash all over which gives it the blue colour.  The edging and dentil molding were heavily distressed.  The dresser had very distinctive brass knobs and handles.IMG_0629


My latest piece is a round end table that came from a Habitat for Humanity ReStore which had been given a shipment of hotel furniture.  I painted it in French Linen with Old Ochre on the top as well as some gilding.  It was originally dark brown wood and is a nice, solid piece.  It was fine that way but is much prettier in this painted combination.DSC_0007(11)DSC_0001(25)DSC_0004(25)

I love grey and off-white as it is quite elegant.