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Confessions of a blog hopper

I am amazed at all the wonderful blogs about furniture and painting that one can visit.  It’s obvious that there is a real boom in furniture painting and refinishing.  Like all fashion, it won’t last for more than a few years but I am going to enjoy it while it’s here.  I have seen so many great pieces in the last few weeks that I can’t help but share some of them and bring some recognition to the talented people who have created them.

Katrina Barclay owns Malenka Originals in Ottawa where I live.  She is the only retailer for Annie Sloan in the area and she has turned a little shop into a successful business.  Katrina’s customers love her because she is so helpful, down-to earth and interesting to talk to.  On top of that, she is a wonderful painter and stylist; all of her furniture is beautiful.  This is one of her recent pieces; it is a 50’s-60’s dresser that was painted in a mix of Greek Blue and Florence.  You can read about it here.  It also has lovely knobs.  It’s just a great example of a terrific transformation.





Another painter, Suzan, from Simply Vintageous is a prolific blogger and well-known to a lot of people.  She writes funny blogs about herself and her husband, she takes readers on house tours of Montreal( which are all fabulous by the way) and she paints great furniture.  She seems to specialize in white and white/grey combos.  There is something very sophisticated about her work , like this wonderful dresser.  I often visit her before and afters when I am looking for inspiration.

Simply Vintageous

Simply Vintageous

I have also recently come across the blog Orphans with Makeup which showcases the work of another Montrealer, Mary Vitullo.  I love the variety in her work and the definite creativity.  This pink dresser painted in AS Antoinette is perfect.  I love the fact that she chose to make the top a light oak colour since everyone, including myself, is staining things dark.  It really compliments the softness of the piece.  You can read about it here.

Orphans with Make Up

Orphans with Make Up

I have written about Martha Leone before in previous posts.  Martha brings an artist’s eye and sensibility  to her work and she has many pieces that I admire but none more so than her waterfall dresser.  I didn’t like waterfalls until I saw this and I have to say it is iconic.  She really created a work of art with it.

Martha Leone Design

Martha Leone Design

I have also been hopping around Facebook pages and I want to mention a few of the great things that I have seen:

Look at these wonderful birds from Paint it Shabby.  I believe they were done with Miss Mustard Seed colours.

paint it shabby birds

And this antique dresser from Vintage Ground.  His furniture is incredible, especially what he does with Mid-Century Modern.

Vintage Ground

Vintage Ground

I also love this red table from Lark.  I don’t know what she did to it but it is wonderful.




Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

The Shabby Nest
<img class=”aligncenter size-thumbnail wp-image-5308″ title=”Show Off Friday Button” src=”http://what-about.co/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Show-Off-Friday-Button-150×150135.jpg”
Tickled Pink at 504 Main


div align=”center”>The 36th Avenue

Three Mango Seeds

BWS tips button


Boogieboard Cottage
div align=”center”>Heavens Garden

Dwellings-The Heart of Your Home
a href=”http://www.bystephanielynn.com”&gt;By Stephanie Lynn
Mod Vintage Life

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia


Elizabeth and Co.
House on the Way



8 thoughts on “Confessions of a blog hopper

  1. Thanks for sharing. The piece from Vintage Ground is awesome. That would be grown up awesome, not 13 years old awesome 🙂 Wow!

  2. I just stumbled upon this post just now and needed to extend my gratitude to you for your kind words! Thanks so much for including me in this post. We must have similar visual sensibilities because of all my pieces, this waterfall dresser communicates more of my design vision than any other piece I’ve done so far. Thanks again!

    • You’re very welcome. I admire your work because you have your own vision and I enjoy looking at what you have done. Thanks for commenting. Cathy Haley

      On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 6:34 AM, UpwithFurniture

  3. Not sure about the technique for the red table from Lark but in one of Annie Sloan’s books , there is a technique called Frottaging, that produces a similar look. It involves applying newspaper to wet paint.
    Thanks for providing links to these inspirational sites.

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