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Waterfall dresser part 2

IMG_0466 (1)If you read my original post on Waterfall Dressers, you know that I painted this 1930’s dresser with a free-form design on the front.  Although I liked it, apparently no one else did.  I even had a comment that mocked the fact that I had used tape to create it.  Oh, well.  I did have two people inquire about it and one girl came to see it but ended up buying this other Art Deco dresser.  I wasn’t unhappy because it was more expensive.  It, by the way, was painted in Provence with an Aubusson wash.  It has very beautiful handles.

Art Deco dresser Sold

Art Deco dresser


So, I decided that the issue with the teal blue dresser was the design on the front which I painted out.  But it needed something else and as I had been reading Canadian Living in a waiting room that had this lovely MMS dresser, I guess I was inspired by it.

Miss mustard seed dresser

I mixed some Old White with Chateau Grey to get a tinted white and then applied a glaze of clear wax with the teal paint, then some dark wax.  I like the finished look and it reminds me even more of  1950’s luggage.IMG_0735(1)


In this picture, you can see the distressed molding which shows some of the white, blue and original wood.


IMG_0737  The colour looks different from the top picture but I think it is the addition of the white and the fact that anything in the turquoise spectrum does not show up well on our camera.

a href=”http://www.missmustardseed.com”>125x125

a href=”http://www.shabbynest.blogspot.com/” target=”_blank”>The Shabby Nest


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5 thoughts on “Waterfall dresser part 2

  1. It was my idea, but she had to see it in a magazine first. brilliant photography though, despite the spectrum flaw. like Rodney Dangerfield…no respect.

  2. Great piece! Aren’t camera angles funny? Colors can come out so differently when I use my flash. Much to learn! Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    His blessings,
    Kim @ Curtain Queen

  3. Love both dressers! On the blue art deco dresser, how did you get the different look on the outlined areas? Is it just distressing or did you use a different color there? Is that where you used the wash?

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